5 Reasons Quarantine is a Blessing in Disguise 
1. Self-Reflection- So, how many of you guys have been sitting up in your room like  Brandy or Kash Doll lol. During this time when the malls are closed, no bars open, no movies, we can't safely visit many friends or family, there is nowhere we can  go to escape our problems. This forces us to deal with things front and center. IDK about you but I have been self-reflecting. I have been pinching myself realizing how we can be here today and gone tomorrow. So look within during this time to find out your true purpose!

    2. Reading & Relationships- I do not enjoy reading, however this time has allowed me to read my bible app, build my relationship with God, and reevaluate some relationships. I call that a double blessing. Reading and Relationships.

    3. Family- I have never seen so many families coming together like this. This is the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. I am also happy I have been able to spend alot of priceless time with the people I love the most. 

    4. Time Off- This is the first time in many of our lives that the entire world stopped. I know we often complain about working all the time, now many of us get a break in some aspect. I am enjoying not having to drive as much, sleep more, and just relax. Many of us may never have this much time to do nothing again, so enjoy!

    5. Stimulus Check- Hey, a little extra money never hurt anybody. I say do what you want with your money. I just hope it benefits you in a positive way at the end or else you can't complain.